Bio humus

Humus – Vermicompost


Vermicompost – production

We possess years of experience in organic farming and production – composting of organic fertilizer. This happens in our eco-farm located in an ecologically clean area Buzovgrad village located in the foothills of the Central Mountain near the town of Kazanlak.


humusWe VermiMix produce and sell biohumus / Vermicompost, humus / from red Californian worm, 100% pure product and high quality. Suitable for Seedlings, fruit, vegetables, wine, for indoor and garden flowers.
Of our refined humus is environmentally friendly product with a complex action, rich in macro / micro elements essential for plant development. Hummus is the best organic fertilizer for all plants, contains all the elements needed by plants in concentrated form. When fertilizing with organic humus improves the quality and quantity of vegetables and fruits as they become larger, more juicy and delicious.
Vermicompost can be used in your home garden as well as in organic farming.

Sales and distribution

We produce the purest refined humus, using red Californian worm. We offer small to medium cut; for home use, also for large farms. Prices for transportation costs, according to the method of delivery, as this is desired. For large deliveries provide transportation at preferential prices. For prices, transport and questions please contact us on our email: or page Contact Us