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Rose oil and Lavender oil

rose valley

Essential oils – Етерични масла

We are farmer located in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, namely in the town of Kazanlak. Famous for the cultivation of the most famous oil rose – Rosa damascena. Here in Bulgaria produces about 70% of all rose oil in the world. We grow our own crops rose in absolute ecological way. Also we produce rose oil, an old Bulgarian way, the result is a high quality rose oil.
Ние сме земеделски производител намиращ се в сърцето на българската розова долина, а именно в град Казанлък. Известен с отглеждането на най-известната маслодайната роза – Rosa damascena. Тук в България се произвеждат около 70% от розовото малсо на света. Ние сами отглеждаме нашите насаждения от рози по абсолютно екологичен път. Също така ние сами произвеждаме розовото масло, по стар български начин, като резултата е висококачествено розово масло.

Bulgarian Rose Oil

rose oilOur rose oil is 100% natural. We grow our roses completely ecologically without use of chemicals. Also in the production of rose oil are not used additives, chemicals and additives, so our oil is high quality and recognized worldwide.
We sell rose oil in the world. If you are interested of ordering rose oil, please Contact us
Нашето розово масло е 100% натурално. Ние отглеждаме нашите рози напълно екологично без употреба на химикали. Също така в производството на розовото масло не се използват добавки, химикали и подобрители, затова нашето масло е висококачествено и признато в цял свят.
Ние продаваме розово масло в цял свят. Ако се интересувате от поръчване розово масло, моля свържете се с нас.

Natural Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

We grow our lavender in a clean area at the foot of Stara Planina. Thanks to ideal conditions / climate and soil / our lavender has all the qualities to call our lavender oil – Perfect. If you are interested of ordering lavender oil, please Contact us
Ние отглеждаме нашата лавандула в екологично чист регион в подножието на Стара Планина. Благодарение на идеалните условия /климат и почва/ нашата лавандула притежава всички качества за да наречем нашето лавандулово масло – Перфектно. Ако се интересувате от поръчване лавандулово масло, моля свържете се с нас.

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Red Californian worms

Red Californian worms

Red Californian worms

Red Californian worms

California red worm with Latin name Eisenia fetida, known as a red worm, earthworm, earthworm and many others. Red Californian worms is a type of worm adapted to the decomposition of organic waste. They live in this environment and is rarely found in the soil.
Each segment of their body vlakantsa called fins that move outside and inside as pressed to nearby surfaces such as worm tighten and stretch your muscles to move back and forth.
Eisenia fetida is best known by the name of Red Californian worm, but its true origin is European, intentionally and unintentionally spread across the planet except Antarctica.
Red Californian worms are the most common type of worms in composting. Normally their length usually reaches 2 to 4 inches, as the color is usually red / purple, actually they can vary greatly in very general physical characteristics, such as the world may range from light orange to purple, may also be meet individuals with stripes. California red worm is very tolerant to different temperatures. He can live in freezing cold temperatures down to 35 ° C from which it follows that good for growing indoors and outdoors. It is believed that the best temperature for cultivation is between 15-20 C, and the perfect temperature for maximum growth is 20-25 C. This temperature is ideal for composting / ability of worms to process organic waste /.

Eisenia fetida is hermaphrodite and all other types of earthworms. However for their propagation are needed two worms, which are combined with specific segments of the body which they are easily recognized because they are larger and lighter in color than the other. So clinging worms exchange sperm. After the process of fertilization worms are separated from each other and each worm cocoons created in which there are several eggs each.