Universal Soil

VermiMix – universal soil

Universal Soil VermiMix for all types of outdoor and indoor plants..

vermimix bio humus soil
VermiMix Universal Soil
The VermiMix soil is whole organic product with a complex effect. It contains stable humus substances, microelements and enzymes. VermiMix is rich in nutrients and has excellent moisture retaining properties. It stimulates growth and improves soil fertility. It remains active for a period of 6 months after which you need to feed it with VermiMix soil enhancer.
It is ready-to-use product intended for direct planting.


Pot flowers and seeding – plant directly in soil.
Decorative shrubs, vines, fruit trees – 1-2 liters at the base of the roots.
Grassland areas – sprinkle over existing plants, thin layers when planting.
Refined fertilizer of Californian red worms and fibre.

Packing of Universal Soil VermiMix

vermimix humus

Packing – 5l.


Packing – 10l.

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VermiMix environmentally friendly product. We supply small quantities for domestic use and for industrial and large orders prices are negotiable with included discounts. For more information about prices VermiMix please contact us. Make a request.


Analysis of Universal Soil VermiMix


Organic substance min 30%
/total quantities/
– N min 1,5%
– P205 min 1,5%
– K2O2 min 0,5%
– CaO min 5,0%
– MgO min 0,5%
/total quantities/
– Fe min 1,0%
– B min 40mg/kg
– Mn min 250mg/kg
– Ph 7.13
Content of heavy
metals and arsenic
Under the limits for
organic farming

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