Usage of Universal Soil VermiMix

On this page you will see the differences in the development of plants under the same conditions, but one group has used Universal Soil VermiMix, and others do not.



The difference in radish seedlings under the same conditions. Planted at the same time – either a soil VermiMix, and others in ordinary soil.






Fruits that give raspberries in nourishing soil VermiMix.




soil humus



Beautifully developed root system of Bulgarian rose oil production of cuttings.
soil biohumus





Huge colors of Bulgarian rose oil, growing in soil enriched with VermiMix.








The use of universal soil VermiMix and humus suitable for home use in agriculture / Seedlings, fruit, vegetables, wine, for indoor and garden flowers /. Use developed root system of plants retain moisture and prevents rotting of the roots. Universal soil VermiMix and bio humus contains all the nutrients in concentrated form that help the development of a strong and healthy plant that gives a better, better quality and healthier products. Universal soil VermiMix and vermicompost are environmentally friendly without the content of weed seeds, pests, pesticides, chemicals and other artificial additives.